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Shrimps Forever: A Morecome Story

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(A few paragraphs, so if you are lazy and wish to read a few sentences. Be warned.)
A few weeks ago, and friend of mine returned home from college and had an idea to start a co-op career mode on FIFA 17. We decided that we would choose a 4th division English team and bring them to glory. We chose Morecome a small team from the city of Morecome whose emblem features their mascot. A shrimp.

So we began our journey. Creating ourselves as players (at the level of play, to eliminate OP-ness) to bring the shrimps to the premier league. Our first two season consisted of us buying cheap players with decent stats to build our team. We acquired lookman from Charlton athletic to be our star ST. To which he has delivered. And signing rouslo a CAM from MK dons to mend the midfield, along with Mamado Fofana to be a rock in center defense we were well on our way. We also spent some money scouting youngsters which we found a stud CM. And some other players pending, was more than rewarding.

We are now in a solid place to make some money to acquire more and better players to survive in the premier league and with a FA cup victory made a spot of a Euro league position to also make money. In our run for a premier place we also picked up Cameron carter-Vickers and Joel Asoro. Both of which have been very strong players.

This career mode has been a time eater, but has been a blast! I would encourage anyone to try to bring a small club into greatness with a mate. And also raises a question.. could FIFA ad more features for a co-op career mode in the future? Perhaps a online feature?

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