New Concept: Minor League Legends

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Seen a post on what legends people want and without too much seriousness, I thought Dean Windass. Not at all a footballing great, but played in the Prem for Middlesbrough, Bradford and Hull, being one of Bradfords all time top scorers, and I think at 39 scored the winning goal to send Hull up the Premier League like 10 years ago in the play-off final.

I feel like it'd be nice if the English leagues had a handful of players like this, some more would be Akinfenwa when he retires just because of his status for being a chunky footballer for want of a better word, Dave Challinor was a lower league legend due to his giant throw in's and he held a world record for it at one point. They could make legends that appeals to fans of any one club in the English Football League (before anyone slates it, it is a popular league).
You could have one for most top division teams elsewhere, but restrict them to the country's league that they primarily played in.
If they did this then they could make bronze and silver players more interesting from the start of the game, instead of waiting 4 months maybe till you find a player that even plays in the league of the team you support for lower clubs, and even do divisions for other tiers as people have asked before.


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