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(EA Read!) Career Mode Must Do's!!



  • TeamExtreme17
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    It would be nice if this thread could be stickied to the top of the Fifa 18 Career Mode section, for EA to read and take note from their hardcore Career mode users? @Rob @Alastair

    Rob has gone. No one from EA has been seen here for couple of years.

    What's the point of an Official forum then? Career Mode is about 7 years behind..

    There's no point. It's forgotten place.
    It seems like nobody in EA cares about Career Mode. They are interested in FUT coz it gives them big revenue. Career Mode doesn't give them anything except headache)))

    If that is the case, they shouldn't be charging more than £10 for a game that's hardly updated..

    Not me, not you can decide it.

    If its just UT every year then how can they charge full price?

    It needs Renaming Ultimate Team 18!!
  • TeamExtreme17
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    Can this be moved to the Fifa 18 section please?
  • TeamExtreme17
    2672 posts Fans' Favourite
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