WL at summer such a fail

C o b r a
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Really how many no life customers are playing the WL these days? Between goin to the beach and nights out how the f we are supposed to do 40 games in the weekend?? lol even 20 is too much really, why we cant have some weekdays too like any frikin other game in order to play your damn new league system?

Did 6 on friday afternoon, 4 on sat., was 10/10 wins but couldnt go on anymore bcz of this ❤️❤️❤️❤️ system, who thought this mess really??

-1 less customer next year if i see the "weekend" word anywhere in relations to fifa, was already bad this fall/winter now its brainless


  • Icosa_Gaming
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    What about not playing then?
  • Ch1cha
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    The fact that you care about completing WL says enough about the life you are having. No need to tell everyone here what you do in your weekends, no one cares. If you can't make the 40 then don't. I have only finished it once which was this weekend and it's the right amount of games. If you make the effort you deserve the rewards, simples
  • Glass0nion
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    I've been saying the same thing since January
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