Anyone else?

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Is it just me or is this actually the worst football game (in terms or gameplay) ever made? There is so much wrong with the game I've never played anything like it it's an absolute mess, at times disgraceful,disgusting even week in week out I'm left in total shock at some of the bs in this's actually sad what Fifa has much potential all ruined by the most important aspect of the game.Massive fail from EA :|


  • DeOuweDibbes
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    It's so bad, I don't even know (really) what gameplay is the one that's intended. Defenders bumping into each other, not making runs, don't mark, 99 strength players will get pushed of the ball by Sterling etc.
    Turns like a truck with his 99 agility, dribbling, balance and ball controll or can't seal a 4 yard pass.

    And other matches it's silky smooth, I don't even have to push anything and my whole attack is running in behind and moves like Messi in real life. And even if that happens, who tells me the other guy had no disadvantages? :pensive:
    Is it really so hard to spend some money on better servers/matchmaking and new techniques. Don't have any problems at all with Battlefield to mention another EA game with a latency of 5.
  • Markusnasty
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    It baffles me how lag is worse in Fifa 17 than in Fifa 14 when 95% of people will have much better internet now
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