Won 5 tournaments in a row, my 50k packs:

253 posts Sunday League Hero
Won the bronze, silver and gold cups all online last week and today won the BPL both online and offline.

Pack 1 - TOTS Clasie
Pack 2 - TOTS Willems
Pack 3 - TOTS Marchisio
Pack 4 - TOTS Matic
Pack 5 - Bale

Very, very happy! :D


  • Xguti002
    2020 posts Fans' Favourite
    In 5 packs I didn't get nothing but a Jerome boateng. Will test my luck today with the bpl packs, what reward is it for a second try? 25k?
  • MB45
    253 posts Sunday League Hero
    Yeah 25k for the 2nd attempt, I won that but got Strootman haha
  • allLuckNoSkill
    1656 posts Play-Off Hero
    dang ur pretty lucky i think my best pack was like a mascherano and other useless gold never get anything good in free packs
  • Simple
    1446 posts Professional
    tots mc is still in packs?
  • Deeenilo
    1201 posts Professional
    imagine that i won the tourney online and did not got anything as reward... :D
  • Xguti002
    2020 posts Fans' Favourite
    I don't know why I sill bother lol but maybe because I have faith in pulling something good on my next free pack...the online community tots silver was by far the hardest
  • ha032742
    41780 posts Moderator
    I got Filipe Luis as my best player from the BPL tournament pack but I'm cool with that as got IF Walcott and TOTS Verratti from the 6 I won the previous week.
  • ross1michael
    38 posts Last Pick at the Park
    I got absolutely nothing in my Offline 50k Bpl pack but got TOTS Bolasie in the online one! Was well worth the sweat to win that tournament!
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