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Hey guys,

As many may have seen recently been smashing the hell out of the 84+ TOTW SBC and have made a couple of pretty decent untradeable sides. Thing is the best of them is probably my Serie A side but I have absolutely no full backs and only three CB's.

To this end have been giving 3-5-2 a whirl in division 1 and though I'm scoring pretty freely am also conceding a lot. Probably going to get relegated at this rate, something which hasn't happened for a good month and a half. I'm often taking the lead early on and then getting hit with two or three quickfire goals. Can't seem to keep them out.

Just looking for some really solid advice on this formation. I'm not using any player instructions atm, just trying to get a feel for things at first. Are there any people recommend, or perhaps a custom tactic that compliments the formation?

Kind of like it, especially in terms of ball retention and creating varied attacks, so would love to get it to work a little better.



  • RadioShaq
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    3 atbs are mostly just used for comebacks this year.
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    I've tried to use this formation so many times with different teams as its good for hybrids but I always end up ditching it. Like you say the defense is so wide open to counter attacks obviously down the wings but also through the middle as your central cb can become isolated against 2 st's. I've tried fast cb's like Ramos and Miranda as the two wide cb's and it still didn't work. Only advice I can give would be to get defensive minded lm/rm and switch to defensive tactics.
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    i use 3412 since fifa12

    i won with it div1 more then once

    in wl i mostly finish gold1

    takes time to get used to 3atb
    but it helps you learn how to defend
    and you enjoy having wingers
    and 2 st

    love it
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