91 Sanchez OR TOTS Diego Costa

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edited June 2017
Formation: 433-5
Team mates: 89 Son, TOTS Mane, TOTS Eriksen, TOTS Lallana, POTM Kante
Play style: Mostly a solid possession game, but will occasionally hit you on the counter to keep you honest.

The real question: To play a 433-5 you need a CF that is all around solid, great finisher and assist man. They are the dual threat that make the attack click. Now Sanchez 91 with Hawk or Hunter is as good as or close enough to the TOTS in all the areas I really care about, pace, shooting, passing, physical. So I do not need to go to that level. But TOTS Diego Costa is also very sharp. But is the 91 Sanchez really worth 100K coins more than TOTS Costa which seems to have very similar stats? I see the big difference is the agility and balance. Few reviews on 91 Sanchez, and people love the TOTS Costa.

Your thoughts?


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