Struggling with both of my squads

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So I haven't played much so far this year but I did the squad builder for Ibra and the one for Suarez and now that I've picked up FIFA I'm kind of struggling to make them work.



Ibra notes: I feel like I'm really lacking punch on the attack, Hazard in particular struggles to get involved. I was really looking forward to the Pro League tandem but they've been somewhat underwhelming with Dendocker being the better of the two.

I usually play a pretty slow methodical game in the build-up but way too often I'm left without any options to advance the ball forward and instead have to pass backwards. I've been thinking about swapping formations but I've used the F9 for a few years now but this year I seem to be unable to use it effectively

Suarez notes: This one is still under construction, waiting for the Liga NOS TOTS cards to get that left side going. Aspas is untraceable but I'd like to swap him out. Not a huge fan of the Rakitic/Iniesta tandem but I'm struggling to find a good BBVA pair.

Also though about making this a 2 striker squad but not sure who to pair Suarez with.

Got about 150k to make any changes here, any help is appreciated


  • Any tym7
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    Build 1 squad with all ur coins instead of wasting ur coins on 2 teams :)
  • TimRUFC
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    Play a 2 striker formation and use both the SBCs? Ibra and Suarez up top would be class
  • TimRUFC
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    Maybe something like this with obvious up/downgrades according to budget
    IMG_1912.pngimage hosting 12mb[/img]
  • Cadey 5
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    Build one team as has been suggested those two teams simply are not good enough to compete unless you are a elite standard player snd you can make up for them being poor.
  • SummerOfGeorge
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    Thanks fellas, maybe it's really time to build one super squad instead of bumbling around with 2. Would you guys think a lone striker formation is better than one with both Suarez and Ibra up top?
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