[NeverFinished][XB1] Hob's Ultimate Season Forum Tournament (S3)

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The format is simple, there will be 8 players per each division. You will play each other once so that's 7 games to play for each participant in the tournament. Depending on the amount of people we get in this tournament will depend how many divisions there will be. I will determine who's in each division by reputation and who i've played before. Don't worry, this won't be a one off season so you can work your way up the divisions so to speak as the bottom 2 from each division will be relegated and the top 2 from each division outside D1 will be promoted each season.

After some inactive players last season i'm bringing in a new rule: You must have played 3 games by the end of the season minimum or you will be kicked.

Me and the players from previous seasons thought the idea of tracking how our teams do in the seasons was pretty cool so we implemented an end of seasons awards for each division which included -

.Team of the season
.Player of the season
.Top goal scorer
.Most assists
.Most clean sheets

To do this each player must post the following in the thread after each game -
.The final result
.Who scored
.Who assisted
.The GK with the clean sheet if needs be

You can use any team in this tournament.

Rules -
.No time wasting
.No UD or defensive play
.No 5atb
.No abusive behavior
.No scoring from opponents pass out GKs
.Please behave in a sporting manner, this is just for fun after all.

D1 -
@killer xavi

@Agent VZ

D3 -

Deadline for all games is midnight UK time Weds 07/06/17
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