Pulisic TOTS vs Dembele OTW: review thoughts

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Played a handful of games with pulisic now.

Both can burn down the side and have 99 acceleration with full Chem.
Dembele has slightly higher top end speed.

However, pulisic's is sufficient and his agility/balance is noticeably superior for weaving in and changing directions.
Haven't noticed much of a difference in other areas.
Just some observions for anyone curious. Have never played with mertens if but can now imagine what it's like with that level of acc/agility/Balance/ball control.

Card is a ton of fun. That said I'm a USA/BvB fan so I'm partial...


  • InigoMontoya
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    Hoping to use both in an upcoming tourney / WL. Playing Puli on the left, think he will be good cutting inside that way
  • A5B
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    Not used Dembele (although his MOTM always seems to score flukey goals against me).

    But Pulisic is awesome. I'm using him at CF in 4411 and he has 15 goals in 7 games. Like you said, his pace, dribbling, and agility is sublime. Finishing is pretty good too, only noticeable con is his strength, but it's not a big deal once you get him into space.
  • Xtc
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    What div. 2 per game for a 4411 cf sounds very high
  • A5B
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    Xtc wrote: »
    What div. 2 per game for a 4411 cf sounds very high

    D1. It sounds high, but typically in that formation the CF gets the majority of goals. I set my forward to target man and Pulisic to get forward, meaning he makes forward runs while the striker holds play up.
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