TOTS Herrera vs MOTM Pogba

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Stats are very similar. Who would you prefer?


  • fifaplayerbol
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    Pogba has much more presence on the field, Herrera seems quite ordinary when I played with him, didn't justify the price tag
  • SimmoEFC
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    Pogba all day long.
  • ha032742
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    I have Herrera untradeable and although I like him a lot, his strength let's him down at times. Go for Pogba imo.
  • BO0OM
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    Considering the price+ they look very similar i would go for herrera .. just can't justify pogbas price
  • Shaqattack6285
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    Herrera is insane
    Best interceptor after kante in prem for me.
    He is so smooth at getting the ball back and the stamina helps. Chuck a shadow on him and you willl not regret it.
    Also shooting with him seems quicker/easier than pogba
  • sturges12345
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    even nif pogba is better
  • YaaDon
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    NIF Pogba over TOTS Herrera for me :lol:
  • Fifababy
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    Pogba is a beast this fifa just got his 92 it's amazing at pretty much everything with a hunter.
  • pumavii
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    edited May 2017
    highest rated pogba vs herrera tots , pogba wins .

    nif pogba vs tots herrera , herrera wins .

    but if you want to win headers in the middle get pogs , he wont score much or assist (at least not for me when i had him) but he has a presence in the middle .
  • ezb33
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    I have NIF Pogba and TOTS Herrera on CM,but if i had to choose one,i would choose Pogba.
  • AEsey
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    Herrera is good and I prefer his h/h workrates but pogba has extra height, strength and also the 5* skills
  • serefinowitz
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    Get both
  • Shaqattack6285
    969 posts Professional
    Get both

    My midfield has tots herrera and nif pogba...wouldnt change either
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