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So 3 weeks ago i got a DEVICE(ps4) ban on Fifa ULTIMAte team when i log in with my account it says this' this device is suspended from playing fifa ultimate team' i tried making a new account from scratch still says the same, i contacted EA TOS wich sent me a email yesterday yes aviut 3 weeks i waited but they said they declined my dispute... so my question is since my 'device' is banned if i get a new device in my case thats a new PS4 would i be able to play Normally FIFA Ultimate Team on my old account (the same on the device that got banned) my mobile app and web app is working fine on that account i can sell players buy players etc... asked this question to ea phone support the guy sent me to live chat wich told me they dont have these information and i should try contacting the TOS again but i just dont want to wait 3 weeks again gonna get a new device soon. How can i be exactly sure i am not ip banned, and would i be able to play with my old account?
Thanks and sorry for this long message


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