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Anyone open the Ultimate Pack?

3259 posts National Call-Up
Who did you get?

It's the last few hours of Prem TOTS and the Belgian League/Eredivisie TOTS is still around. Seriously considering going for it. It's only one pack after all, it's not like there's 5 or 10 of them in the store. I would open them all and be extremely upset afterwards. :D


  • KeepItUp
    1295 posts Professional
    85/81 IF
    4 84 rated players
    Not worth it, but I made tons of coins just by buying epl tots at first day and sell later so I tried my luck and it was s***
  • Dazza3113
    3224 posts National Call-Up
    I did..

    Got 83 rated Moutinho.. buzzin
  • Bicali
    146 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    3 TOTS Players - all under 40k
  • Extra_Ice
    475 posts Sunday League Hero
    edited May 2017
    I got the polish striker tots from pro league and 90 son
  • Embrared
    872 posts Semi-Pro
    Got Lloris and MOTM Marlos which makes up for only getting Fonte as my highest rated player last week.
  • Claret_n_blue_blood
    16421 posts World Class
    Dazza3113 wrote: »
    I did..

    Got 83 rated Moutinho.. buzzin

    Not bad, I got gotze so I'm sorted now til fifa 18
  • TheonlywayisS6
    1934 posts Play-Off Hero
    A walkout 88 IF (Koubilaly) , a blue TOTS (Benelux), and another IF (discard Japanese league) in the same pack.

    Still won't break even :(
  • Chubz
    3230 posts National Call-Up
    Only a fool makes the same mistake not this time around :)
  • Realist
    3052 posts National Call-Up
    I folded and did one. Got motm fellaini. Couple of informs and a stack of rares plus vardy. If I sold all I would have been about 10k up but put the sub 81s into the BPL SBC and got giroud lol. Could have been a lot worse.
  • ColeWorld
    11376 posts Has That Special Something
    Got 4 TOTS in one pack. Still no profit
  • serefinowitz
    474 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I got Pedro!
  • Mattheos
    1447 posts Professional
    Benatia. 30 cards, my best Benatia. FML.
  • Gromit
    4108 posts National Call-Up
    Lewandowski. 60k not bad not great.
  • domevans04
    243 posts Sunday League Hero
    Is it the 125k pack?
  • SteveCastro
    11 posts Ball Boy
    Opened one last night and pulled Vertonghen, Karsdorp, Marlos and Son! No idea how to post pics sorry.
  • maTTeOs_mAZzA
    3259 posts National Call-Up
    A walkout 88 IF (Koubilaly) , a blue TOTS (Benelux), and another IF (discard Japanese league) in the same pack.

    Still won't break even :(

    I opened mine and got IF Vitolo. Better than nothing I suppose.

    However I opened a couple 15k packs shortly afterwards and like you I packed IF Koulibaly (88). I think I'm just going to stick to the odd jumbo pack from now on.
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