Diz plays Excelsior - A FIFA17 Career Mode "Let's Play" Series

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*Click this link to watch the video series playlist on YouTube*

Basic idea behind this team is that I decide to buy Excelsior and break them away from their association with Feyenoord, for the purpose of taking them to the top of the Eredivisie and hoping to make a run at the Champion's League. I hire Taylor Twellman as manager, and decide to overhaul a lot of the roster. Players brought in are very specific targets - the general idea is to snatch up some of the best tekkers in the Netherlands, and try to build a skillful young squad of mainly Dutch players that can compete with some of the best clubs in Europe. :)

The 'unique' aspect of the video series is that I showcase every single menu decision and action, from training to finances to press conferences - everything is included.

I play on PC version, with no mods. Official May 11th rosters. Standard settings, standard sliders, etc. Everything is 100% vanilla in terms of gameplay. However, lots of save scumming is used for player negotiations (to get players cheap and sell them for lots). Each video is one month of in-game time. Videos are heavily edited to condense hours of play down to less than 30 minutes.

Here is a link to the exact squad I'm building and playing, with a bit more information: https://sofifa.com/squad/169194

Thanks for checking out this thread, hopefully you check out my project too! :) Have a nice day.
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