Brainstorming (FUT 18) Badge Cards

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What if Badge cards could be applied to a player's card, thus changing the player's listed team?

It would have some interesting impacts:

Example: Your FUT team is based on Manchester City and is filled with other Premier League players, but you are not happy with the limited options at LB. You want to add Jordi Alba to your team but it kills his chemistry and lowers your over-all team chemistry. The new rule would allow you buy a Manchester City Badge card and apply it to Jordi Alba's card. The badge card is lost but now that specific Jordi Alba card is listed as a Manchester City player.

#1 The player could then be a better fit for the chemistry of your FUT team
#2 Badge cards would have "real" value in the game.
#3 The player card with the new team applied would have varying value if subsequently placed on the market.

What are your thoughts?
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