How to use TOTS Kane ?

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Just packed him in a EPL Premium SBC but I'm struggling with him... Can't find him on the field, he seems always out of position :/

Any suggestion ?


  • BYourLord
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  • hasan09876
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    edit: thought you said Kante :joy:

    Easy to see why you are struggling to use Kane and its because he doesn't work in this formation, he needs more runners or someone to cross the ball for him
  • Retro1989
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    Swap Son and Kane around.
  • Marsh
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    Put kane cm son striker and pogba cam
  • the_big_blowfish
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    Hunter card press defensive line depending on how you play get in behind. I absolutely love him goal per game, great at playing into his feet holding up ball playing one twos and spinning in behind, don't be afraid to shoot a lot.
  • Mambo889
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    I use him as solo striker in 4231 (2) or 4321 and surround him with the best and paciest wingers possible. I don't think he works in a 2 striker narrow formation because your strikers may need to do a lot of running from deep which he just can't do.
  • ThierryHenry1621
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    4411 as ST with POTM Son as CF on 7 chem, thank me later
  • Frankenberry
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    • Attack: 700k coins
    • Midfield: 2.5 million coins
    • Defense/GK: 25k coins
  • tatadwader
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    4411 as ST with POTM Son as CF on 7 chem, thank me later

    Man sounds great.

    I may try this but with 95 Ibra instead of TOTS Kane.
  • ozcs_69
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    @ OP : you dont
  • Rhillips
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    Try 41212(2) and as at CAM. I have used 87,88 and 89 in this way and always been effective
  • Izzy2K17
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    He works better in a lone ST formation like 433(4) because that's when he can really do what he's good at, which is using his physical to shield the ball and let others make runs, take longshots, get crosses, and the occasional through ball is good since he has good pace and has strength to hold off defenders that match up to him. I've used him in 2 ST formations and he's just not as effective. Also I'd use an engine on him to boost his pace and balance, instead of using a hunter or hawk since his shooting is pretty much maxed out as it is
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