TOTS Costa or Kane

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Who will be better, who should I get??


  • Chavez
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    without playing with them, I of course can already tell you Kane will be better.
  • Vflagship
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    Yeah thats my thoughts, just wonder if the H/M are enough to swing it towards Costa,

    Looking at their latest IF Kane is significantly better
  • Damo_Suzuki
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    Im looking at Costa but ive not used him this year and he has really low agility on his previous cards.
  • Vflagship
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    yeah thats what I think, im hoping his TOTS has over 75 agilty and 70 balance and then I think he should be good.

    likely to be significantly cheaper than Kane I think
  • Sandell85
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    Costas potm is really solid for me and lethal infront of goal! His tots will be immense
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