What pack types are best to open?

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The 100K and 125K pack during the lightening rounds? The 35K pack they have on the promo? Which pack types are you planning on opening tomorrow?

I am asking because I have never had anything good off a 125K pack. Some good pull off 100K packs. But if I do the math, last weekend for the same 12K FIFA points, I was able to get nearly double the number of players by doing the Promo electrum packs than 4-5 125K or 6 100K packs.

What is the best "bang for the buck" pack?


  • MorroWtje
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    i quite like the 35k packs, I think they've been best to me.

    Worst value is the 25k packs, 3 rares is criminal.

    50k/100k packs are the same thing
  • Stkyfngz
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    50k packs for me imo.

    Basically i just aim for 10k fifa points = 140k coins
  • pudgyfudgy
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    Well if you calculate cost per rare gold, then:

    50k / 12 RG = 4.17k
    100k / 24 RG = 4.17k
    125k / 30 RG = 4.17k
    30k electrum / 6 RG = 5k BUT rare silvers can be quite valuable

    I personally would do 50k and 30k.

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