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Please fix the refs

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I know I'm not a good player. At this point I I'm not going to even win the Rudy tournament. I can totally live with that. I don't mind losing. But in almost every match I've played today I've hit the post or crossbar and only recall two fouls called in my favor in the attacking half, and one direct free kick from a scoring position. My players get pulled down, bum rushed, slid into from behind, obstructed - every foul you can possibly imagine - and I get one call in five matches.

When you hit more posts than get fouls called there's something seriously wrong. The refereeing is broken. There is no excuse for going this long without fixing something this fundamental to the game.

I'm going to lose my matches regardless. But it's absurd when my opponents can take out my players all over the pitch without getting called for anything. And, for the record, it's equally absurd when, for example, my players make some crazy reach around, elastic leg tackle that wrecks my opponent's player and nothing is called.

I'm not asking to win games I don't deserve to win. I don't even care when I lose matches I deserve to win (lost 3-1 earlier outshooting my opponent 17-4. Just lost 2-1 conceding 2 shots the entire match. So be it.). Hell, I'm fine with the fact that I'll never be a division 1 player or a fancy dribbler. I can live with the fact that half of the so-called player stats in this game are functionally irrelevant, so that silver defenders with 60 defense ratings play like Sergio Ramos, or half the time it's easier to score 4 on De Gea than 1 on a 65 silver keeper. Whatever.

But not the broken refereeing. There is no reason for a franchise this big to have refs this bad, and for the developers to sit on their hands and do nothing about it. Either they don't care or they're incompetent to not recognize the problem.

Sorry for the rant.
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