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Should this have been a penalty?

1387 posts Professional
I'm thinking I should have been awarded a penalty since the keeper seems to tackle my player, but I just don't know anymore with refereeing in this game. I was about to pass it to that wide open player in the box, too.

I ended up losing, of course (deservedly, though)


  • SebCFC123
    7342 posts Big Money Move
    Not sure but they're never given this year, seems like as long as keepers eventually get the ball they can do what they like
  • Baddest_cubza_1
    2721 posts Fans' Favourite
    That's a definite penalty in real life but not in this game which only further frustrates us, add this to the long list of what doesn't make this realistic
  • Davisto
    6357 posts Big Money Move
    Yes but not entirely sure why the goalkeeper did that animation :joy:
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