I highly recommend these 3 silver players for SUBS for this Weekend League!

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I really recommend you these 3 silver players in case you go to extra time or loosing a match during this WL and you need to refresh your team.

They are so cheap, like 3k each one and they are really good, they are so OP and not exaggerating, that CDM is so good! And Bifouma and Marco Sau are really fast and has 4 weak foot each one!
Both have really high agility.

Bifouma is "strong" and tall and has 4* WF and 4* skills! Also has 85 shot power..... and has High/Low workrates which is really nice

Sau is really fast!!!
That 93 agility and 95 balance help him a lot, he feels really fast, seriously, I feel him like 96 pace easily... he also has 75 finishing and 79 curve what is nice for a silver! And has High/Medium workrates!

And before the first "idiot" say it: NO, I don't want to hype them....


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