Additional Sluggish play this weekend?

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Anyone else getting EXTRA sluggish play this WL?

My games have been half playable last few weeks but today its not playable. The passes are very slow and going to the wrong player, dribbling is turned off, difficult to defend, no pace at all - fast players get chased down and my players never seem in control of the ball, loads of ball leaving and stupid things happening ball bouncing off players all over the place, crashing and the most common goal conceded is the last man getting tackled, I have no chance to get rid of it.

Won 3 lost 1, all 4 games like this and not fun at all. First one was slightly in my favour the rest were bs grinds:

Should go to the closest player but goes to Vardy who completely leaves the ball likes it a grenade.

Typical WL goal this weekend. I have no chance when its like this

I will get my 18 wins then stop as usual but surely MC TOTS shouldnt have this much impact on the servers should it? Its just a few sh**y cards that you will probably never use


  • Yetko
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    Cant make a simple x pass, its awfull
  • chosenone
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    Yetko wrote: »
    Cant make a simple x pass, its awfull

    glad its not just me. Its terrible.

    Just going to get my chore of playing for 18 wins over and done with then going to enjoy cleaning my room :)
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