If its not Momentum, which word would you use

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When you cant do anything right in the game ?

If its not the lag compensation (or what ever you call it) its the balls bouncing back to my opponent until they score, my players cant pass a ball 5m straight, miss easy opportunities at goal and then my opponent scores the most bs goal ever and then my gk has turned into Stevie Wonder and apparently has lost all vision, so he can no longer see the ball, so he cant catch it or save it, he just waves his hands in the air and dives out of the way of the ball.

Btw, this happens mainly in WL.


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    Haha. :) It's called gng against the wind...
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    Bull honkey.
  • JonRambo
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    When this happens to me i just cant change it. I try passin, try dribbling, try attacking, try counter attacking, try to make subs, some games nothing will work for me.

    If its not monetum what do you call it? Just one of those days ? If it is, i seem to have alot of them in WL.
  • Shutup
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    Would be interested to see a breakdown of the minute that goals are scored. If momentum or scripting doesn't exist, then there wouldn't be such a high proportion of 45th and 90th minute goals which never happen, right?
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    There is no way they can deny it .
    Problem for them is their need for speed system is so crude it just makes them look stupid when they go full Gestapo and bar any talk of it.
    We fought a war to stop people like this....
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    Morale :trollface:
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    I know when it goes in my favour, its because I made a change. Went attacking, high pressure, changed formation, made a sub... etc etc
  • Phillys85
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    Match Intensity in the code its called. Former EA Employee posted it years ago after he left.
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    I find it happens mostly when I'm in front and suddenly my opponent scores. My players seem shocked by the goal and I need to play through it to get them back to being good. Probably has something to do with all the football is emotion crap EA has been pushing the last several years if there is something in the code. Seems they want to push it even more in Fifa 18. I'd honestly be okay with Fifa 18 if it was the same gameplay mechanics, but with dedicated servers.
  • Diggy
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    Lag or delay in favour of your opponent
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    Shutup wrote: »
    Would be interested to see a breakdown of the minute that goals are scored. If momentum or scripting doesn't exist, then there wouldn't be such a high proportion of 45th and 90th minute goals which never happen, right?

    45th and 90th min take 2-3 times more than any other minute in FIFA.

    Plus I remember someone posting irl statistics that most goals are scored in 45th/90th.
  • paul24878306
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    Just bs.

    Had one today. Oponant just spammed Rb, held up then one pass score. He went 2 up.

    In the meantime I was 1 on 1 4 tines, had goalie clearances twice had strikers refusing to don't 1 yard out and Gk wonder saves.

    My players were working fine created chance ofter chance. Ended up 3-3. In et I score, then on 120 min he got a fk on edge of box, which goes in 4-4. I saved his first two pens and stored mine, then that was it. Ended up loosing 3-2 on pend.

    The worst thing, the fx on 120 mins he was shieldling the ball with back to gaol. That's fine, have it. My players were all standing off. His strikermajes a run, straight into the player shielding and that got the fk. I didn't have a player in 5 yards of him.

    Just complete bs.
  • bjornheisenberg
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    i think they defo change either player stats after you score or add lag comp depending on how the game has panned out.

    some people can get delay because of their connections.

    but what ive noticed is some games are ok but it can change.
    for instance im a possesion player.
    but if i dominate the first half hour and dont score it then becomes harder to dominate.

    passes star going off even if im not forcing them.
    balls down the channels where fullbacks have gone awol start going out of play...even on manual lob balls.

    there is no doubt they have code int he game which will determine how this is worked out...who gets the advantage in such moments.

    scripting?no imo

    its all related to in game elo

    i say that because as a regular normal seasons player you know when a higher rated 4 star side plays a lower one the lower one gets a little advantage.
    that advantage disappears when you go a goal up.
    if im the higher rated and go a goal up...my players have a real fight on their hands to do the most simple things sometimes.
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