Noob with FUT Champions reward... Recommendations on what rank I go for?

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Never really touched FUT Champions until this past week where I decided to try and qualify, which I did after 2 tries, but now I'm in a tricky situation.

I have played 30 matches and won 15 of them, which currently puts me in Silver 1. I can achieve Gold 1 at max, but that's assuming that I win all remaining 10 games, so say I don't win all 10, would it be worth it to go for it and settle with Gold 3 or Gold 2, or would Silver 1 be better?

I would assume that Silver 1 is better than Gold 3/Gold 2, but again, I'm new to all this weekend league stuff, so not exactly sure on the extent of the rewards, so hoping that someone can fill me in briefly.

Thanks, yo.


  • Andybelfast
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    Hit gold 3 and stop
  • JensDragonrider
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    Hit gold 3 and stop

    What's the benefit of gold 3 compared to silver 1? Looks to me like the packs are better in silver 1 tbh. Am I missing something? :open_mouth:
  • SebCFC123
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    Gold 3 is probably better than gold 2 and definitely better than silver 1
  • Napoli9
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    elite 3 or bust
  • JensDragonrider
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    Napoli9 wrote: »
    elite 3 or bust

    LMAO, I wish. Maybe if I hadn't gone and lost a clean 12 games in a row after winning the first 3. Been playing so well since the last loss that I can't even comprehend how tf I managed to loss so many in a row :/
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    If you get Gold 3 you also auto qualifying for the next weekend.

    Gold 3 also has arguably the best packs out of Silver 1 - Gold 3 - Gold 2
  • BigBadAl696
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    Go as far as you can if you end up with gold 2 I personally think it's better than gold 3 as you generally get about the same amount of rare players to discard :joy: but with added bonus of more squad fitnes cards in there as well along with an extra 15k coins
  • dylwms
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    Hit gold 3 and stop

  • JensDragonrider
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    Aight, thanks for the suggestions everyone, definitely just gonna continue and see where I end up rather than sticking to silver 1.
  • Kai9623
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    Gold 3 imo if u dont wanna bother playing all 40
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