What annoys you most about Fifa 17 ?

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My top 3 are :

1.The lag and button delay no question about it. It makes my players unresponsive and slow and basically feels like im playing on ice.

Close 2nd is the types of people you play against. They can probably tell im lagging by how much im not timing my tackles and the ease they are passing me and yet they score a lucky goal that rebounds back to them 4 times in a row and they dab me.

3. Is the auto switching players that ea uses. Why cant they get this tight as its been a problem in all fifas ive played since 14, but this version seems even worse. And no i cant use manual switching when im lagging, i just need ea to be able to make it switch to the closest player, how hard can it be ?


  • Leon0713
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    1. Input delay and lag.
    2. The fact that EA are the company that run the game.
    3. Idiots that park the bus, 5 atb and pass it round when you're one goal behind.
  • DicaniosGod
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    1 Lag button delay
    2 Auto switching
    3 Not being able to pass to the person in space sometimes is so annoying!!
  • Ovo23
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    when I see my oppenent is going to pass a throughball to his striker.. I switch with RS to my CB to cover the striker... and sometimes the CB does that stupid standigcktackle although I NEVER pressed the standigtacklebutton.. striker is then through and I conceide the goal.. I dont know if it is a bug or why the hell the CB does that stupid standingtackle automatically.. anybody else experienced the same ???
  • HysxteriA
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    Inconsistency game to game.

    Slow gameplay and unresponsiveness.

    Balls consistently rebounding to their feet inside my own half.
  • Thamightyboro
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    Refs especially over the last month, be it the off the ball obstruction or straight up unpunished hacks.

    Pack weights, ive either been massively unlucky this year or pack weights are down.
  • BistroXII
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    Numero uno as above, no consistency - feels different every time, game to game, day to day, week to week. It's a lucky dip. Also the creating of drama in the game is extremely annoying, let us just have a game where it's played skill v skill or no skill v skill etc just let us create it ourselves we don't need it added to mimic real life.
  • Diggy
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    1. Lag/delay I'm not even sure which is which now

    2. Overpowered AI auto tackling I'm still of the belief that if no button is pressed no tackle should be performed

    3. Penalty shoot outs, why am I forced to use my subs as the first 3 penalty takers also Brehme is my penalty taker with a stat of 97 why is he my 6th (or later) to take a penalty
  • sooflyy
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    custom tactics, everybody abuse the defend tactics.
  • DeDeputy
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    Pack weight, pack weight, and pack weight
  • TheonlywayisS6
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    Apart from the obvious ones above, free kicks in my own half drive me mad - when you hold the stick towards your player who's in acres of space but the ball gets tapped straight ahead to their striker instead.

    Also, through balls which go in completely the opposite direction to the direction you're holding, instead of the player in the perfect position to go through on goal it goes to the player who's got 2 defenders marking him. Or instead of a perfectly simple short through ball it plays it miles ahead of him to the defender or keeper.

    Pressing the switch player button 18 times before it actually selects the player that you want.
  • tikitaka33
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    Refs, tackles that go back to your opponent, and getting body slammed by Smalling.
  • Claret_n_blue_blood
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    1. Moaning threads
    2. Fouls
    3. The fact I'm skint :s
  • pudgyfudgy
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    Lots of gripes, but I think it all comes down to input delay, or lag compensation, whatever you call it.

    When your game is 0.5 or even just 0.3s behind your opponent, all the other issues start to happen:
    - Misplacing simple passes – because it passes to the spot where your player was standing 0.3s ago.
    - Lessened ability to skill – requires precise timing, which is difficult when your buttons aren't responding precisely.
    - Taking too long to shoot – like skills, requires somewhat precise timing.
    - Defenders lunging for balls that are clearly out of reach – because the defenders' brains are working 0.3s slower.
    - Player switching – the system reads where the ball was 0.3s ago, increasing the chance of switching to the 'wrong' player.

    All this might be tolerable if the same delay was applied to your opponent. But nope, when there's a loser, there must be a winner. So your opponent enjoys super responsive gameplay and can literally play rondo with your defence.
  • General-Richa
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  • Retro_G
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    1. Button delay, unresponsive gameplay.
    2. OP A.I. controlled GK's deciding the outcomes of games.
    3. The postion of the radar, not being able to move it down so it's not obstructing my view.
  • Claretnblue
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    There seems to be no real tangible difference between most cards, takes the point out of building an ultimate team.
    That stupid jazz hands thing Smalling does when he has knocked out my striker with no foul called.
    Standing directly in the way of the ball to intercept only for your bloke to step over it.
    Tackles you "win" that go straight back to their fella.
    Being chased by Martial / Son / Vardy anywhere on the pitch to get the ball back.
    Defender stepping up a couple of steps as the overhead through ball whizzes the other way.

    On reflection, it appears I hate this game...
  • Shahski
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    1. Smalling
    2. Kante
    3. Butland
  • ASH32
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    Yes it has to be this for everyone one who has it, some games are ridiculous, 2 to 3 seconds to respond sometimes, usually in key areas.
  • JGCramp
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    1. Lag
    2. Refs
    3. Tackling issues
  • RWU
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    Why my Super multi million strikers have the same scoring record as my mid range strikers and they have the same records as Musa :/
  • DonKing
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    The non existent skill gap. Anyone can beat anyone.
  • Grifan
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    Defending chem styles and exploiting chem in game
  • JonRambo
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    EA keep saying there isnt momentum in this game but there is SOMETHING definitely. I just finished playing a game then and the game play was pretty good for me and was winning 2-1, then it felt like the button delay got worse for me as i couldnt pass straight , my players were very slow (they couldnt sprint and turning was hard, no ball control) and every rebound went back to him until he scored.

    I heard ea uses lag compensation so those that have slower connections have a fair advantage against those that have a very fast connection. So maybe they somehow adjust the connection from player to play at times so one lags and the other is good and vice versa ?
  • Nauticius
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    High pressure abuse - players can run box to box whole game without getting tired
  • exzoo
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    The community
  • Rutta
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    Oh just lag
  • TheMightyBee
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    Card weight and the ridiculous requirements for some SBC, the greed is increasing each year.
  • JonRambo
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    exzoo wrote: »
    The community

    Do you think the community is like this though because how bad the game is and the things that are in the game that let players exploit the game ? Also the amount of things wrong with this fifa and no word from ea about fixing it so people are just frustrated and have to vent it either in game or on here (like i do).
  • El_Nino97
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    Fu$k EA TBH
  • o0OainavO0o
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    SBC cards that have the same ratings as a cheap in form version, de Rossi for example. The SBC cost far more than what his in form card will cost. They upgraded insigne but why not upgrade all other sbc cards that have achieved in forms.
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