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Hello and welcome to the pro clubs world cup draft

How the format will work will depend on how many people are interested but i envisage a group based system (ideally 2 groups of 4 teams) where each team plays each other once like the world cup (or twice like the CL if people are that invested) Looking for feedback on which of these formats you guys would prefer

We will have a number of 'captains', again dependant on how many teams are competing, and will have a player pool that the captains can take turns to pick players from until each team has at least 4/5 players, each captain will play as ANY

As always it will be a forum tournament so will be played in good spirit, no passing around the back/5atb etc etc

Just looking for a rough idea of interest atm so just put your name/GT and position you'd like to play so that i can gage what kind of numbers we are looking at. Games will run on monday-thurs UK time so please only post if you know you are committed to this tourney.

Also looking at for the final the player pool becomes active again and we can fill up the two remaining teams and hopefully get an 11v11 finale

Thanks, your pal Blake xo

1. Blake / Burdinny
2. Denisianes
3. AnDrEwThEdOn
4. Pikachu / iTz Paulz
5. Jake / LFC | Jake
6. Uberman656 / CAM/CF/STR
7. FRSM00 (zero's not O's)
8. Reus
9. 17hours straight / buttonwalls
10. Kris / Krissy b0y
11. EddieFicio
12. Mike_Pickford / Feed Thy Goat LB/LM/LW
13. Bennn99 STR/Wing
14. The Silver Fox / RhysWithASpoon CM/CDM
15. SirLaggzAlot
16. Andy99TradeZ gt andy1 9 9 9 x CB
17. Haz_hazardous10 / LordSaxoss any pos
18. ManyakFC Preferred position : CAM/CM
19. CPFC16 / DazCP Attacking pos
20. Boabdust any position
21. Currieman Mid
22. Agent VZ
23. TomOTW / Tom C 1405 CM/CAM
24. Sercs

1. Blake
2. Sercs
3. Reus
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