Anyone else have no idea on the team they want?

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Title :lol:
I've changed so many times I have no idea who I actually want anymore


  • krakos000
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    I have 4 teams that I'm choosing between haha it's not easy :D
  • KingLionel10
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    Dele Alli waving gif

    I change my mind more than my kegs
  • samthederbyram
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    And we all know the one we want will play horse ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and we will rage sell it :D
  • verdolaga
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    Same here, parts keep changing.
  • Slow As Kieran
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    I am like this on every fifa, but this year i have had the same team for around 550 of my 900 games
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    I've lost so many coins changing teams this year!

    I want a full Russian TOTS squad. Hopefully i can afford :)
  • ContraCode64
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    Same, because I'm waiting to see what TOTS cards get released and struggling to guestimate prices.
  • Painter753
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    The team I want is the team I have cus it's the best team money can buy
  • dylwms
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    I have a basic BPL team after selling my main squad. Waiting for tots,but don't really have a clue what to do either on the otherhand
  • FieldsofDreams
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    Been like this all year. Have barely kept a team past 30 games :p
  • Tietherope
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    My issue is that I can't limit myself to just 11 players. i want to use/try out more. So I keep my GK, back four, and CDM the same each game and rotate the other 5 players.
  • Runefang
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    I have nfi. Just waiting for PL TOTS to land first.
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