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Which team out of these?

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Have around 900k, with SBC Suarez, SBC Laca, IF Tolisso, OTW Pjanic, SIF Firminho, SBC Can, SBC Kurzawa, POTM Hazard, POTM Sterling and Marchisio untradeable.

I'm looking to make a team and these are the ideas I came up with, which do you think would be best? I'm really liking the look of the Bundes one so that's probably my favourite atm. Any ideas for other teams I could make would be very helpful!






Cheers lads!


  • KloppieKing
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    The last one! Save and Eventually put Berg in CAM and Son up front next to Firmino
  • CornishLad
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    One with Berg
  • BrentfordFC
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    Not hating mert. But wouldn't use 1st or second.

    1st team - Suarez on 7 Chem ? Surely you can fit someone in at cm to make it 9. Not used la liga do know of no one who can fit there? Rakitic ?

    2nd team - goalie is terrible.

    Team 3 and 5 look feasible to use. Cb at team 5 though? He would get bullied by a benteke or lukaku
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