Hamburger SV - realistic transfers

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here's what I have, let me know if you can help add to my shortlist of realistic transfers. Going for a youth side, naturally, but a few older players are welcome too!

CB- Kempf, Akpoguma, Ziereis, Kjaer, Ananou
Lm- Bittencourt, Stoch, Erdogan, Ariyibi

Long term(not in 1st season): Durmisi, Amiri, Mitrovic, Sigurdsson, Janko, Hamid, and Tore.

YAscouts- Germany. After that I'd guess Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Poland, Denmark are good ideas.

Thanks, let me know if you have any input. Cheers!
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    If anyone was interested, my first season signings:
    Kempf CB 3.9m
    Ziereis CB 2.2m
    Bittencourt RM 12.5m

    January window bonus- Ribamar ST 2.15m
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