LW & RW?

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Currently using 433 4, I have Neymar and Messi as my two wingers.

Should I swap Neymar for Hazard to free up funds, they seem to have similar stats and Neymar hasn't been overly impressive.

On the other hand Messi has been great so far but he is 400k and I'm wondering if TOTS Mane or Dembele would be better? I sometimes swap him to CAM at halftime.

I need one of these 2 to stay but can't decide if which one or if I want to keep both. What would you do?


  • Scfctommy
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    Decided I'm keeping Messi, however will be switching him to CAM IG. Now there is space for a RW. However the jury is still out on Meymar
  • DeCaje
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    Messi is infinitely better at cam than at rw yes. Personally I'd definitely keep neymar over hazard, unless the rest of your team really needs the coins for strengthening.
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