Be honest, how much would you spend on this game?

Michael LFC 96
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Me and my mates were reminiscing about old games we loved on the ps1 etc,. And it led me to remember about UCL 99/00, I used to play this game ALL the time.

Anyway, it was a fully licensed game based purely around the European Cup, so no leagues etc,. But, to make up for it they had classic sides, and IIRC, the classic sides were every winning side since the very first winners of the UCL.

So this got me wondering, imagine EA got the rights to the UCL from PES, imagine a standalone game that is similar, with UT and all the players who've won the UCL over the years.

And then I started thinking about dynamic pictures, like they could do limited time releases on players who got MOTM in the final, or scored the winner, or made unbelievable saves or kept clean sheets.

Possibilities would be endless if they had the rights :(

Would this interest anybody else and how much would you spend in truth, considering there'd probably be very few silvers!


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