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How can this possibly be an own goal?

1387 posts Professional
The ball goes in just under the crossbar then hits the defender's back and it's somehow an own goal. I don't quite get it.


  • Aspral
    3796 posts National Call-Up
    Quite clearly an OG for me. It hits the woodwork which is a shot off target and looks like it's bouncing downwards.
  • Stkyfngz
    4847 posts National Call-Up
    According to what you say, that's an own goal but yes there are times in this game where it shouldn't be an own goal but it is.
  • JGCramp
    1387 posts Professional
    Okay, fair enough. Thanks for the clarification. I totally spaced and forgot that a shot that hits the woodwork is off target.
  • Robes
    1735 posts Play-Off Hero
    Defender helps it over the line, plenty of own goals recorded in RL where the ball hits the post/crossbar, hits the keeper and goes in.

    Much more of a mystery in this game is where a players takes a shot and it touches the end of the defenders toe and goes in and that's given as an own goal.
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