This game is 1% skill. 99% connection.

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So I've just finished another WL. Scraped 18 wins on the last game, as per. Dealt with the usual BS that occurs. Played in 3 sessions; all U.K. Times.

Friday night 10:30pm-2am ish started 8-3 fell off to 8-7.
Saturday night 10pm-5am (stayed up to watch the canelo fight) 7-12
Sunday morning 10am-12 3-3

For just 5 games between 3-4:30am I had the connection advantage and my god it was easy. I was playing stacked teams and all 5 games rage quits before half time, everything went my way.

It was my players running round like mad men.

LT and RT dribbling, yeah I could actually do it! My players were running backwards fast than Bolt going forwards with the ball glued to their feet.

It was my defenders bulldozing through people and winning the ball with ease.

Martial felt like 200 pace, get on to every through ball and it was like the keeper wasn't in the goal.

Long shots - I could've closed my eyes and they would've gone in

This is the sort of advantage I (and most people) usually suffer against in 90% games, I actually felt sorry for the opponents because I knew there was nothing they could do to stop it.

TL;DR - There is zero skill involved in this game when one person has the connection advantage over the other


  • n2j2000
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    Agreed. EA needs to sort this bs out for FIFA 18 or there are going to be a lot of angry people.
  • Adrian095
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    10% Luck 20% Skill 15% Concentrated power and will, 5% Pleasure 50% Pain. 100% Reason to remember the ❤️❤️❤️❤️.
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    When the game is in my favour it feels like the pitch has been tilted at a 45 degree angle and the ball just tumbles into the opponents goal. All I have to do is push the stick in the right direction and, once in his penalty area, keep tapping the shoot button as it rebounds off his defenders until it goes in.

    It's not always connection though. final game of divs yesterday I needed a win to stay up and I was gifted a goal after I'd fluffed an easy chance from kick-off a few minutes earlier - no question about it, then I made the mistake of going 2-0 up in the 2nd half which ruined the drama so he was gifted a goal back and I had to hang on for dear life at the end having easily controlled the game for over an hour.
  • Alp_2760
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    Gross exaggeration.

    Connection impacts games, sometimes massively and yes, it can be a game changer.

    To say it's 1% skill is clearly exaggerating. Plenty of people do much better than 18 wins and yes, they also have bs to deal with.

    Stop being in denial, get better at whatever your flaws are and even with bs, you will get more wins.

    I've gone from silver to gold 1/elite and a big part of that is not blaming bs everytime. Even in games which are poor, I've known that with better finishing, better decision making etc I could have won. So I practiced free kicks, advanced shooting and defending. As frustrating as the game can be, the better you are, the better you can cope with it. I've got much better at winning games, where it feels against me. Changing formations and tactics, reading how to hold the ball against different players etc. I lose the odd one but no where as much as I did. I've gotten better.

    18 wins is not all the games fault. You aren't as good as you think you are, it's that simple.

    Whinging and moaning, blaming the game everytime will just keep you at your current level. You need to be making sure you're putting chances away. There isn't always anything you can do about your defence just being wide open and letting a through ball through. If you can become very hard to score against and be better at taking chances, you'll start turning those games around.
  • Couchy
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    Never said I was good did I? But thanks for trying.

    There are games where you have zero chance of winning, which is the point of this thread. I'm not whinging or moaning, I have no emotion to this. Just stating facts based on my experience. I have no interest in 'getting better' I'm as good as I am. I couldn't care less about winning or losing, I just want to play a decent game of Fifa where both players have an even chance of winning without the BS.

    But well done mate, gold/elite 1. So proud of you
  • Retro_G
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    About 80% connection, 20% skill. That's truth, gameplay isn't rewarding in Fut Champs because you know you're either ahead or behind the play. It's rarely even, seasons is a lot more consistent.
  • Vezzo
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    This weekend is the worst yet for me. 2 games were actually playable.. Out of 20 that I played. Alt+f4ed once yesterday and 2nd time today.
  • Aspral
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    Bit of an exaggeration but you're correct.

    When I play at 1am-4am the games are so smooth and nice. I win constantly.

    If I play at 3pm-10pm it's utterly abysmal and I end up losing because everything is delayed.

    But I don't want to have to stay up to actually get a good connection.
  • o0OainavO0o
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    Agreed, connection is wack on all consoles which really ruins the credibility and interest in the game.
  • Hurleybird10
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    I went 16-4 on Friday, finished 25-15 on saturday, find the game much more of a chore on sat/sunday
  • AIeks
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    Adrian095 wrote: »
    10% Luck 20% Skill 15% Concentrated power and will, 5% Pleasure 50% Pain. 100% Reason to remember the ❤️❤️❤️❤️.
    Clicked to see this, wasn't disappointed.

  • FatZeddd
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    I do agree it is an exaggeration but probably just chosen to try and push the point. I completely agree though I think it is something major and they need to sort out how the game plays out and ensure it is even and both players are on the same or a much similar level, something serious regarding the matchmaking or server locations gives massive advantages in game I have felt this both for, but usually against me. It is a joke how one sided a game can be even against a poor player. So many things in game just go one way and do not make sense, poor coding...probably but I trust it is more than that and coupled with a poor game it just gets noticed much more too because all the little issues combine..
  • El_Nino97
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    Yea I mean everyone has been saying this for months now. I just think EA are pathetic
  • Stkyfngz
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    50/50 imo
  • SJR440
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    Adrian095 wrote: »
    10% Luck 20% Skill 15% Concentrated power and will, 5% Pleasure 50% Pain. 100% Reason to remember the ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

    Congratulations, you've won the thread.

    Majorly appreciate this :D
  • Rb10119
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    I try and play fut champs through the night feels like a different game
  • DSmith
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    Agree. I had speed up lag like never before this weekend but how does it work? My opponents were playing like they didn't have it but I found it unplayable. It's not my internet either.
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