Legends going up or down?

D i n k xD
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Got my eye on couple legends, I know nobody has a crystal ball but curious as to opinions, will legends go down as TOTS approaches then up when everyone builds their teams when it released? Or do they go up the closer we get?

With the prices being low now I wouldn't lose much on the ones I fancy but want to maximise the small(ish) amount of coins I have.


  • CanT SLaY JaY
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    Depends on the demand and pack weight of TOTS players. But I think prices will start going down until friday (if that's when TOTS does start). Then they will quickly rise after the initial TOTS once people realise how bad the MC TOTS is. This normally happens anyway between a few hours after TOTS is released to a day or two later.

    After will be the final gradual decrease as the bigger TOTS leagues arrive.
  • Slow As Kieran
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  • Diego19
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    Last year i think prices dropped throughout TOTS. Remember buying Gullit for 1,6 thinking it was a good price and 2 weeks later he was 1,3-1,4
  • D i n k xD
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    Cheers lads. Especially Kieran :D
  • D i n k xD
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    Thinking of finally buying Scholes and a legend striker that I've not used. Should have 400k for a striker. But prefer not to spend it all on one man.
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