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New career - can I buy pre-existing loanee?

34 posts Last Pick at the Park
I just started a new Managing Career with Reading. Been debating whether or not to put any training time into Reece Oxford since he was already here on loan and I have no idea what the terms were. He's a good young player though and he has a real face which is a plus, so I'd like to keep him.

Does anyone know if I'll get the opportunity to buy him? If not, is it still worth putting training time into him? Thanks.


  • JobeRogerson
    55 posts Park Captain
    I'm pretty sure if a player was on loan at a club when you started the CM, you'll have to wait until he goes back to his parent club until you can sign him permanently. If you loan him during your CM, you can set a future fee and I'm sure you have an option to sign him when his loan deal expires.
  • Bonkertons
    34 posts Last Pick at the Park
    You were correct. Luckily I kind of figured this would be the case and stopped my training on the player. When the loan ended he was only about a 75OV, so I was able to pick him up after with a loan-to-be at a reasonable $5M. I appreciate the response though.
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