Need Serie A advice

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Formation is 433(4) TIF Icardi is up top and the other CM is IF Mario.

Option 1:
88 Dybala CAM
88 Hamsik CM

Option 2:
88 Hamsik CAM
87 Nainggolan CM


  • GoalGiant
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    What's your defence like? If your defence is strong, take option 1. Dybala offers a real flare to a game with his pace and smoothness. Although, save up to have Dybala and Nainggolan as they're a sweet combo
  • Dalebert
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    Pretty solid. All the best versions of Sandro, Chiellini, Koulibaly and Florenzi.

    88 Dybala around 390k on PS4 good price?
  • Dalebert
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    Going for option 1 - bought 88 Dybala for 380k. Best chemistry style?
  • paul24878306
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    Oh was just going to say b.

    Isn't convinced with dybala until 89+ passing isn't good enough for a cam, and neither is his strength.

    Still, good luck Re Chem, I slays put deadeye on him to help that passing unless he's playing at striker.
  • Dalebert
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    Thanks - I'll give it a go and sell up if it doesn't work out (hopefully at not too much of a loss). Well keep him as a CF so he can cover Icardi whenever injured / suspended. Will give deadeye a go.
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