FIF Keita (87)

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Packed this guy in my monthlies & really wanna try him out... Anyone use him & can give me a quick review or even better, show me your squads with him in!


  • Ian_Ando08
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    hes a really decent player but i tried a bundes team with him and he wasnt amazing starting i bring him off the bench and hes so fast he shuts games down from the 65th onwards
  • RBailss
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    Thanks mate, I'll use him as a super sub!
  • Trobos_Locos
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    He is really good if you use midfielders to create plays and gain balls since he is fast, strong and has decent passing. I have used all possible Midfielders and LM's RM's (7 Chemistry) in the midfield and FIF Keita is one of the few ones that almost always plays good.

    It's like Renato Sanches with better passing and stamina or Arturo Vidal but way faster. If you find a space for sure with this player you are going to be able to go through due to his amazing speed and if you use the midfielders to recover balls this one will help a lot as well since he can get back to position really fast and reach out almost any player to recover a ball.

    This guy is like Kante from Bundesliga. So, if you use a full Bundesliga team you will find not many player better than him.
  • Ian_Ando08
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    hes good at intercepting but id hardly say hes strong mate
  • Sean2On
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    Used him as a sub at LCM and he was very good at creating opportunities for other and was good at interceptions, winning the ball quickly and dribbling.
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