Gameface addition

5 posts Ball Boy
edited May 2017
I would like the addition of having gameface back in game and also to be able to use it as your managers face in carreer mode. Would give a much more personal touch to it all.
But as i believe internet connection is nessesary for gameface to work. Could it be able to be saved in game without internet connection would even be better!

- Get rid of bug when teams not pick the best squad...
- Interview scene with manager pre/and after match.
- Be able to convince players that want to quit their careers with a new attractive contract
- Get rid of bug when money from previous season dissapears.
- Improved gamefaces of some players like Rudy Gestede etc (general improvement). I don't feel like purchasing players that I really want, due to the fact of quite poor gamefaces on some.
- Get rid of bug when players get red card in cup game also gets suspended in league match.
- Presentation scene when singning a new player, and also interview scene /and -or options to ask questions.
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