Have you ever packed a TOTY or a TOTS card before ?

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I still havent packed one of these players yet in any fifa ive played since 14. Im hoping this Tots might be my time as im going to keep a few packs from sbcs so i dont have to waste fifa points.

Spent too much early on this game and regretted it because of the constant lag i get. So now i will just leave it up to the fifa Gods to see if my luck will finally change :smiley:

Any of you ever packed one ?


  • Adrian095
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    In 15
  • MaddMike3711
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    I've pulled loads of TOTS ones, my favorite one was probably TOTS Tevez on 11.
    I've never pulled a TOTY though, and have spent way too much money on it, one of these years it will happen though. :D
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    packed TOTY Pique on FIFA 11 IIRC but they didn't look special then

    it was either that or 12, think it was 11

    packed a few meh TOTS cards over the years but nothing decent, only one I recall was Soriano on 15 I think in a free pack
  • spainskilleryt
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    I packed 1 TOTY. Iniesta in FUT16

    And a lot of TOTS. The best ones were in FUT15, I packed TOTS Messi, Aubameyang and Agüero, and never using FIFA Points. In FUT15 I was lucky to sell TOTY Kroos for 11M 3 days before price ranges, so I had coins enough to waste in packs the rest of the year hahaha
  • JonRambo
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    Cool thats awesome as i thought only youtubers pulled them to show off so we spend more fifa points haha.

    So what is better tots or toty because i thought they are both as good as eachother ?

  • Nandofig
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    Yup, 2 toty Suarez this year and Marcelo in 13. I packed a few tots over the years. Tots auba (FIFA 16) being my best.
  • holdenwait
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    TOTS Griezmann
    TOTY Marcelo
  • GoodnightIrene
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  • Aqeel87
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    I have been playing fut since 13 and never packed anything special other than few cheap tots cards but this FIFA I extremely got lucky and packed the mother of all cards TOTY Ronaldo......still can't believe it.
  • Healer
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    never packed TOTY in last 3 fifas :( , but tots is easy to pack tbh
  • RWU
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    TOTY Marcelo a few months ago

    TOTS Bellerin last year
  • Rogerio8
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    Toty Ramos this year which was ace.

    And tots Ramos last year too, me and Ramos got it going on.
  • Stkyfngz
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    Played since FIFA 13, not 1 TOTY or TOTS

  • E_clipZe
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    TOTY Ronaldo in FIFA 15. It sold for 15 mil :D
    TOTS Suárez in FIFA 16.
  • AlwaysDisappointed
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    Packed TOTY Ibra in 14 and damn near pissed myself
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    TOTS Dybala in 16,still the best card I have ever used.
  • JonRambo
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    When everyone packed that card , were they acting cool or were super excited ?
  • AlwaysDisappointed
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    JonRambo wrote: »
    When everyone packed that card , were they acting cool or were super excited ?
    Well I packed him in a jumbo premium gold pack so yea, I was pretty stoked.

  • xKilla Souvlaki
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    I've packed TOTS Kane in 15 and TOTS Lukaku in 16
  • PureFramez
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    Only one was tots maxwell in 15
  • MikeyP_FC
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    TOTY Pique this year
  • wwffan99tx
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    I've never packed one but my son packed TOTY Ronaldo earlier this year.
  • Jaxite
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    I packed TOTS De Bruyne in 15
  • rawket
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    TOTS buffon in fut12
  • bullettoot
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    Playing since 11 never packed a Toty last yeat Tots Griezman that card was insane.
  • Phife_Dawg
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    Durica in Fifa 14 and last year I packed sosa
  • ryanmufcfan
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    Fifa 15 i packed 3 in a 100k pack thats been my luck for the past 2 years in tots, hopefully this year will be differnt to last years pack weight seems to be shtt compared to previous fifas tho.
  • Davisto
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    I packed douglas costa last year
  • Stordy
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    Packed the Boro keeper on FUT16.
  • alex1987
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    Packed Toty Thiago Silva and Modric in 16.
    Some randoms TotS Eredivisie players.
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