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On Wednesday 13th April, I opened a guaranteed TOTW pack which I got for completing the SBC during FUT B'Day which gives you a guaranteed TOTW player and in it I got a Gold Rare Player. I've contacted EA live chat a number of times and my last chat (case no: 30017365 ) told me to contact forum as you can give me the correct content and not them. Thanks


  • Nandofig
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    @NicholasDegaetano We cant do nothing here. We are normal players just like you. They tell people to come to the forums to get rid of you.

    My guess is that you opened a specific totw week pack. Those are only good for the week stated. They turn to gold cards when a new totw is release.
  • NicholasDegaetano
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    @Nandofig Oh but that is still stealing 50K of my coins. Its not fair.
  • suraj_1
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    ikr but it is EA
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