The latest Title Update for FIFA 20 is now available on PC and includes the changes listed here.


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I know this isn't thread worthy but it is my last post so I figured why not. I apologize for the long post in advance. Aside from the occasional private message here and there, I am retiring from posting. I haven't played the game in over a month and it's just time. I have a family of 7, a career, etc. so I don't have time for this nearly as much as I thought I did. Plus, this place is really the only frustration I have in my life with just about everyone trying to give me ❤️❤️❤️❤️ these days.

I'm glad I got to know many of you even outside this forum. Just about all of you are great people and I wish you all the best!

Everyone knows how much I like to post gifs...maybe too much.

To Richard...


Here's to everyone else...GOOD LUCK!!!!



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