How's IF Azpi ?

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Is his height an issue ?


  • DR1
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    His height hasn't been an issue for me, I don't encounter so many (successful) crossers. Great tackling and positioning, I just have him partnered up with one big guy and didn't have any trouble. I'd recommend him in any system, but most people say they wouldn't use him in a formation with 2 CB's.
  • Jaysin
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    BYourLord wrote: »
    Is his height an issue ?

    YES. Really really good at defending! But height and lack of strength is his downfall. Had to sell him unfortunately.
  • Clancy
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    I didn't like him at all, played in a LCB in 5221 and thought he was too small

    couldn't muscle attackers off the ball of get in their way like bigger center backs. And I had marcos Alonso playing LWB which made azpi seem even smaller and weaker. Alonso is 10cm taller for pete's sake!

    I'd take a pass. there are many other good options like luiz
  • Vflagship
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    He is brilliant but too pricey now. Just get smalling and bailly
  • Batman442
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    I have him beside Ramos Alonso and walker with de gea in goals, best back line iv used in this fifa
  • ragesh91
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    Might be cheaper in a couple of weeks when BPL TOTS rolls out.
    I am a big fan of his card.
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