Will we ever get an explanation?

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Maybe a disgruntled former programmer or something will spill the beans??

I've literally played the exact same game the last 8+ games in wl and WLQ. Out shoot 10+ on target to less than 2.
Win 3-5 to 0.
Then exact same game. Same shots etc. upper 90 blocked. LOw driven keeper gets a foot or hits pole at 90 deg.

Personally, id rather always get my **** Beat by much better players than have these garbage losses.

To the contrary(but same weird stuff) I had a game yesterday where if Keita literally couldn't miss. Score 5 goals with him. Last two I fired from 5-10+ outside the box just to see if the first three were luck. (I put most stuff on frame to side or upper 90 but for 5 out of 5 to go in is unusual for me)

Does anyone enjoy this fluctuation?


  • Zuka_Zama
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    Yeah, i used to think FUT Seasons was bad, but WL games (and qualifications) are a completely different level. The BS in those games are insane. It really is the very definition of scripted when the same thing happens again week after week.

    It would not surprise me if they just assign accounts what level you can possibly reach in WL no matter how good or bad you are.
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