Sif Perisic and Fut Birthday Candreva

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edited April 2017
How are they? I'm planning on playing with them both in 4321


  • Pronoob
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  • Icardi9
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    Terrific. The shot of Perisic is incredible deadly. Hes tall and quite strong and shoot with both feet. Candreva is a massive upgrade on his nif. and properly the best crosser in the game. I really like them both.
  • LVG1703
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    I cant talk about SIF Perisic but im currently using IF Perisic as LF and his shot is the best one ive used in fifa this year, with the 5*WF is ridiculous. Im using Candreva, He is good too, but he aint Perisic.
  • daaVinci
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    Candreva is good, his finishing isn't the best, but due to his shot power just power up his shot and blast it in the top corner
  • Raider
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    perisic is great complete striker, he might get tots but no way it will be cam, if so it will be LW
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