WL became even sadder

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My mate asked me to play a couple of games for him yesterday since he was away. Dont play WL on my account for 3 months now.
My oh my... It was terrible months ago when I played the same PL teams in various formations. Ive played 6 games yesterday (couldnt handle more) against 4321s guided missile defence, through balls and straight line sprinting. Have ppl really hit a new low?


  • maksi
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    It's the most efficient way to play the game.
  • Zenitsuperstar
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    People are even shooting now and it's going past the goalkeeper, people need to find their own way of playing because this is just getting sad
  • Viggo 007
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    Those people are predictable and easy to figure out.

    My problem has been against those people who try longshots from illogical position with a player's 2* weakfoot. They don't build up or anything and the worst part is sometimes your keeper is **** and he doesn't save them from bad angles
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