who do you want from monthly rewards?

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Monthlies are in an odd place with TOTS just around the corner a lot of them become obsolete unless you're tight on coins but there are some nice players this month that probably won't get a better card.

I'm finishing Gold 2 and would want any of; Bonucci, Hamsik, Matuidi, Martial, Diao or Dybala

I probably wouldn't use any of the others tbh, maybe some of the Bundesliga in my post TOTS fitness team since I have a few from previous monthles.


  • Colin32
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    Could really use that Dybala or Hamsik. But I'm oke with Messi to..
  • SergiuLive
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    Bronze 1 for me. Really easy to know what I will get.
  • Unparalleled
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    Finishing elite 1 (hopefully). Need to win 20 of my 40 this week for that.

    I just want something good from Monthlies. I always get crap.

  • Bevan
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    Anyone over 81 because last months ones for me were Darida(82) Toornstra(81) & Gonzalez(81). Absolute poo.
  • ZLFC
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    Will hopefully finish Elite 1 this month, need 23 wins but all I want is 90 Dybala. I would happily trade all 20 for a Dybala tbh.
  • Tim86
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    Every month I have at least a dozen of players I want but in all these months I've only managed to get 2 useful ones in elite. For this month I just see a couple I would use so it will most likely become sbc trash
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    yeah they usually suck which is why I can't be bothered to play all my games this week for 1 extra card. Tbh I've gotten lucky as I only finished 2 months before and from 6 gold cards I've gotten 2 usable though only 1 I wanted.

  • Tonywattzeefuik
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    12 wins from 34 for elite 1 monthly all i want is that hazard 94
  • Retro1989
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    Going to finish Gold 3 or Gold 2 if i can be bothered. Ideally i'd like a Serie A player, Bonucci, Immobile or Dybala. I know that's not going to happen though and i'll get the likes of Raul, Ganso and some other discard player.
  • SanderFC
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    Any PL or Serie A player would be useful (except Zapata and Toloi), a dutch player would also be nice for my generations squad
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