Found a better football game

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It's called Ball 3D Soccer Online and you can find it on Steam.

This is what it looks like:


Yes, the 'players' look like giant hockey pucks and the crowd/pitch doesn't really have detail, but it is still so much more fun than FIFA.

Do you know what happens if you try to pass it somewhere? Well as long as you power and aim it correctly, it actually passes it there, cough cough.

There's nothing making one team play better, it is completely down to player skill whether you win or not.

The best part is, there's no overpowered Real Madrid winning every tackle and rebound and passing 100% accurately even if it's a 180 degree spin kick with weak foot through 5 players!!!!!

To me, when I saw this game I just thought wtf??? but my friend made me get it, and I can honestly say that the little time I spent on FIFA anymore has completely gone, because this is more fun.

And yes, if you haven't realised, this is a way of slyly firing shots at FIFA, but what I said about this game is true lmao


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