Struggling to get something in WL...

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Through the weeks i've been reading that there's 2 kind of players:

1- Those who can't go higher than DIV.4, but still getting (Minimum) Gold 3 in WL

2- Those who are frequently in DIV.1, but are always fighting to have good results in WL.

And then, in between, there's a noob like me:

A solid DIV.2 player, that gets promoted more often to DIV.1, than relegated to DIV.3... but... somehow WL is a nightmare for me, week after week!!

I mean, i recognize that i'm not an extremely talented fifa player :) but i don't find hard to get and keep DIV.2, what means that i'm not that awful.

So, my question is, does anyone sees a good reason for this turnip here find so hard to achieve Gold 3 in WL?
Because i'm only managing to do it every now and then...

It s**ks nor to be good in Divisions or WL :'(

and i'm starting to get suicidal thoughts!! :D


  • PelzyWelzy
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    I think half the problem is people believeing everything they read in this forum...

    The amount of BS in here sets unrealistic standards for people. Everyone appears to qualify with ease, 99 percent of people are in division 1 and winning it every time, everyone has 5 million coin teams... reality is this just isn't the case.

    Wouldn't surprise me if half the people moaning about WL lag have never qualified, vast majority of players are in divs 3-5 and the teams.. of course there are stacked ones but all you have to do is play the game for a while and realise most of the teams you play are the standard BPL or Serie A sides.

    Of course there are exceptions to the rule and some truly fantastic players here but not the number that's made out.

    I'd say you're doing just fine, try not to put too much pressure on yourself.. the fact you can qualify and hold Div 2 already puts you at an above average standard ;)
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