LM 88 Son as ST or 86 Son Full chemistry?

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The fact that the LM 88 would be only at 7 chemistry would make a difference than he 86 Son as a ST in full chemistry? Which one would you choose?

I cannot afford the 87 version.


  • Overevil
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    88 is very good for me
    Compared to 86, has some extra strenght/balance wich makes him a little better overall
  • Izzy2K17
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  • Runefang
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    88 easy. 7 vs 10 chem isn't much difference.
  • DobbyDooDah
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    88 on 7 chem. The boosts he already has in all areas take him higher than the 86 on 10.

  • Kaede
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    88 is better than the 87, so the 88 for sure. I've used every Son so far and played at least 200 games across them. The 88 is fantastic.
  • Austintatious
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    If you go onto Futhead you can compare the stats of a 7 chem 88 Som with a 10 Chem 86 Son. I did this for Hazard and the higher rated Hazard 7 chem Hazard had better stats.
  • Tsarov
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    7 chem is enough. 7-10 chem makes no difference especially if you have high rated card.
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